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sichelmond.ch v2.0 is online!

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Started redesign of sichelmond.ch from scratch.

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Welcome on sichelmond.ch version 2.0!
This is my private homepage and hence you will hardly find anything useful.
As if! Of course, at the time of this writing, this homepage is still under heavy development. I don't use the term "under construction" because I'm a bit superstitious: Pages that are "under construction" tend to remain unfinished in every sense of a homepages existance. And this site _may be_ unfinished but because of the lack in its contents.
However, I hope you enjoy surfing around these pages, and wish you good luck in finding what you were looking for.

Thanks for visiting Sichelmond.ch!
written january 2006.

Page Contents & Higlights

Apparently, sichelmond.ch is a personal homepage, representing a subset of things I consider as interesting and useful. Hence the following list is intended to give you a glimpse on what you can find on this page, and what you will find here in the future:

If there's anything you miss on that list, just drop me a email or contact me with ICQ.. written january 2006.


Since I have rods in Switzerland, Denmark and digitally any english speaking country, you might not be able to read all of my contributions on this homepage. I try to focus on the english language, but it's not easy. There are some things, I feel are easier to express in danish, german or even swiss-german.
I will never ever part the page into different languages. And therefore, be sure you have your babelfish at hands while reading these pages.



written january 2006.