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About sichelmond.ch

The name "Sichelmond" has been my pseudonym since I was fifteen and willing to head the music charts with some guitar strums. But with two left hands and fingers built to anything but music instruments, I never entertained a publicum I couldn't count with all those fingers.
But in 1999, still having the same pseudonym, the increasing popularity of the world wild web and my own interests in all kinds of computing, forced me to register my own personal domain - sichelmond.ch.
There I was, having my own domain but no intentions to use my spare time on it. At that time, I was kept busy with repairing my citroen and other interesting real-world things like parties, friends and music...
As time passed by, and I decided to move to denmark in 2002, I realised, that sichelmond.ch could be a perfect place for keeping contact with all the lovely swiss people I know. And so, I spent some days creating my first homepage.
It wasn't a pretty one nor made with advanced web techniques. But I spent too much time on details, which finally made me drop all the fine ideas i had with it and live with it as is until now, january 2006.
Again, I have several plans with this page, and still no webskills on my back, but now willing to learn by trial and error.
But, as I grew older and got wiser, I will do it step by step. - Rome wasn't built in a day either! written january 2006.

About sichelmond himself

image Sichelmonds real name is Jørn Martin Rasmussen and he is at the time of this writing 26 years old. He is born and grown up in switzerland near Zurich, and lives today in Aalborg, Denmark, since 2002.
Sichelmond studies computer science at the university of Aalborg and likes the ambiente very much. He wouldn't call himself a nerd, but rather "one that likes working with something abstract like software". He wouldn't consider himself as very gifted either..
Nevertheless, bits and bytes make a great part of his everyday life as well as professionally and in his spare time. Usually, sichelmond is only offline during his bycicle ride to and from the university every day. And imho, that says something about one's interests! (and addiction..)
But Sichelmond also has completely different interests. He passionately plays Ukulele to relax his eyes from computer-stress, loves cooking, enjoys meeting with his friends and desperately looks for a sailship that satisfy his needs (and his budget).

The picture on the left shows Sichelmond as he looks on a january the first. More precisely, the picture shows how he looked on january the first 2006 at the "Ruine Stein" located in Baden, Switzerland. I would love to tell you more about that nice party he had the night upon that day, but that would be off-topic here. Instead, I like to close the about-sichelmond-topic at all, leaving space and time for more important things.
written january 2006.